HGTV High Low Project / My Finds

Am I the only one crazy enough to get excited when my new HGTV magazine arrives so I can challenge Sabrina Soto’s “low” finds to see if I can do better than she does?  I cannot imagine other people spend time doing that.  I find it SO CHALLENGING to try to beat her low prices and am so proud of myself when I make those finds.  I, obviously, have too much time on my hands!

Take for instance the July/August 2013 issue.   Starting on Page 85, you will find The High/Low List.  She starts off with a high $60 geometric patterned pillow and a low $20 pillow almost identical.  Well, I found a 16×16 yellow pillow, very similar in color and design, at WoodnDoodads for $9.50!  Then we go to the red lacquered wood bookcase, high $1,645; low red steel frame bookcase for $509.  Check out Ikea red bookcase for $89.99.  Moving on to the blue plates, $80 for a set of four is the high, $40 for a set of four is the low.  Yes, I did it again, a set of four blue and white dinner plates at, $23.99.

I could keep going as I turn the page, but I will save that for tomorrow as it is late and I am dragging.

Move over Sabrina!

Nite everyone from Midlife Modern!


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