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My Ikea Hack

My Ikea Hack

My First IKEA HACK – Malm table repurposed into a TV stand with shelves underneath. I found an old bookcase in the garage, trimmed it, painted it to match, and slid it under the Malm table to support the TV.


Remembering Daddy.


While going through some old files, I found an old birthday card given to me by my father before he passed away.  I wanted to keep the envelope because he wrote my name on it, and to see my name written in his handwriting made me happy.  I had a see-thru picture frame so I cut the envelope to the same size of the picture frame, put it on my desk and use it as a paperweight.   I look at it every day and it makes my heart smile.  My Dad was the BEST!  I miss him more than words can say.  For Daddy With Love.  

Midlife Modern versus Sabrina Soto – Again!

September’s HGTV magazine arrived and, as usual, I got crazy excited to take on Sabrina Soto once again in her “low” finds and I found some awesome prices on comparable pieces!  SO, if you have the magazine, go find it, sit down, and check it out, then try to find your own “low” items.

Starting on page 49, the settee, the high is $1,329; the low is $799.  Well, I found on an armless settee comparable in size and color.  It is coral in color, and the price is $253.79, measuring 46w, 36h, 32″ deep.  At Wayfair I found a comparable brushed steel lamp by Fangio, 31″h, $50.  Now, the green tray was a challenge for sure.  I did finally find a serving platter at Target, 12×5, called Jade Moon for $19.99.

As you turn the page you will see the hanging mirror.  The high price is $486; low is $159.  I was really surprised at the prices of a mirror like this, but did find on a hanging metal mirror by the Urban Trends Collection, 22″, for $86.99.

Moving on to the pillows, you can imagine the variety of pillows and prices I found, but finally narrowed it down to an 18″ square Malli throw pillow at World Market for $19.99, versus the high at $125 and the low $44.

The coffee table has a high price of $899; low $629.  I was so excited to find a coffee table almost identical to the “low” table at, Silver Hayden, 48w x 26d x 19h For $290.

And lastly I found a comparable aqua colored rug at, 5×7, for $279, less than the high price of $2,557 and the low price of $338.

So, Sabrina, I beat you again this month!

If you are reading this, please try to beat my prices with comparable items.  If you like the show, you will enjoy this.   Let me know if you beat my finds!  Have fun!